Broad Vision: London's Interdisciplinary Sci-Art Elective

Broad Vision: London’s Interdisciplinary Sci-Art Elective

What if we could grow our own spare body parts? What would life be like without bees? What if we had to start again? These questions were posed in rooms displaying jars of de-cellularized organs, landscapes of photographed flesh, and sketches of an imaginary cold-blooded and eyeless “Homo Sentire” at GV Arts.

GV Arts was showcasing the work of second year students from the University of Westminster who had signed up for Broad Vision, a one year interdisciplinary art and science elective. The theme for this year’s class was “Future Human” speculating on how we as human beings might sustain, adapt and evolve. As a hub for the interplay between contemporary artists and scientists, GV Arts holds public events alongside its exhibitions. One of these was Future Human: Symposium on June 26, an evening of presentations and a panel discussion from those involved in Broad Vision.

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