My Conspiring

  • Tasting the Future: supporting the assemblies for a community of practitioners that were working towards a sustainable future of food.
  • Daily Acts: supporting and recording an Open Space offering at one of their annual events in California.
  • 10:10 Global: facilitating a 2-day event bringing together 10:10 global campaigners from around the globe, for the first time in one physical location, to build core competencies and develop relationships.
  • University of Greenwich, School of Education: research for food growing and community initiatives, and co-ordinating “Ways of Knowing: educating for sustainability” a day of showcasing educational activities and highlighting practical actions for weaving connections between people and ‘nature’.
  • Greening the Gateway Project: hosting participatory community conversations as part of the public engagement and visioning process for GIFT-T!, a project on the Hoo Peninsula in Kent.
  • Planet Under Pressure: on the hosting and harvesting team for the Bridges to the Future – participatory sessions, including World Cafes, a Pro-Action Cafe, and an Open Space.
  • Forum For The Future: designing and co-facilitating a science-based strategic sustainability workshops for Master scholars.
  • The SunDuLetti Project: running a Collective Story Harvest session and supporting the development of this art and well being project set up to enhance the skills of young people.
  • The University Project: co-organised the launch weekend at the Hub Westminster, including offering a Pro Action Café.
  • All We Need: co-ordinated and facilitated a collaborative project at Secret Garden Party festival – explore what matters to you through art & improvisation. Named after an inspiring art exhibition about Fundamental Human Needs.
  • Action for Happiness: co-ordinated 16 showcases for the successful launch event attended by 300 people.

A ‘human sculpture’ at The University Project launch weekend at the Hub Westminster, London


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