Harvests from Planet Under Pressure

Harvests from Planet Under Pressure

Bridges to the Future: Participatory Session – tools and harvests

The hosting team was Linda Mitchell, Mary-Alice Arthur, James Ede, Cindy Sundborg, and myself. Together we hosted six Bridges to the Future participatory sessions during the Plant Under Pressure conference. The tools used included:

  • World Cafe: based on the idea that many productive and groundbreaking connections emerge over a coffee.
  • Pro-Action Cafe: evolving projects by inviting in peers as consultants using a combination of World Café and Open Space.
  • Open Space (unconference): a bottom-up approach to session design: you show up, produce an agenda together and then go where your feet take you.
  • Collective Mindmap: all contributions are valid and contrary points of view are welcome which helps to co-create and visualise see what we want to prioritise.

Leaders were not assigned in advance but emerged organically; these were fluid identifies, always provisional and open to negotiation. Listening became just as important as, if not more important than, speaking.

…let us not underestimate the role played by the facilitators… It was a role that required remaining in the background despite being in the foreground, a task that requires more skill than we might imagine.

Ninad Bondre’s blogScience Editor for the
International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Secretariat

Comments from PuP attendees:
  • 12 young out of 3,000 people! Give the youth a fair representation.
  • What are the actionable solutions from PuP that I can take back home?
  • What’s the effect of coming here as an individual?
  • How can these messages be put out there to make a difference?
  • Envision the cultural values we will need in 2050 (2030) …then back date them to the present.
 Questions from the Participatory Sessions hosting team:
  • What would it take to build enough trust to move forward together?
  • What does it take to see ourselves as co-creators on the same team?
  • What would happen if we put something else (each other) at the centre?
  • What does it take to create simple, beautiful and practical solutions?
For the full harvests and photos click here.


World Café Session/ 14:00 - 15:30/ 26 March 2012


World Café Session/ 16:00 - 17:30/ 26 March 2012



World Café Session/ 14:00 - 15:30/ 27 March 2012


Open Space Conversation / 17:45 - 19:30 / 27 March 2012


World Café Conversation / 14:00 - 17:30 / 28 March 2012