Improv activity during TEDxLSE


At the London School of Economics

I first met Niccolò Regoli when he volunteered as an LSE Residences Sustainability Champion. So it was a pleasure to bump into him again at The Hub Westminster and to hear that he was being just as proactive – as part of the organising team for the first TEDx LSE on ‘Challenging the Mainstream’.

Having found the TEDx London Education Revolution experience somewhat lacking in terms of using the enthusiasm  and experience of the hundreds of people in the room, I was keen to encourage TEDxLSE to offer more interactive elements and support this exciting student venture where I could. I suggested some improvisation activities as well as a couple of speakers including Adam Weymouth and his insightful reflections on hospitality, and Paul Z Jackson, the co-founder of the Applied Improvisation Network, sharing his switch from a ‘no but’ attitude to a ‘yes and…’ one.

On the day the participatory elements were generally kept to the breaks where, thankfully, there was also time and space to reflect and converse about the talks. Paul Z and myself led a couple of improvisation activities that invited people to laugh at themselves and get into their bodies.